Mother of the Church


Mother of the Church

Therefore, to the glory of the Blessed Virgin and our consolation We proclaim Mary “Mother of the Church”, that is of the whole People of God, both faithful and shepherds, who call her their most beloved Mother; and We decree that henceforth the whole Christian people should, by this most sweet name, give still greater honour to the Mother of God and address prayers to her.

-Post duos menses, 30
Pope Paul VI Conclusion of the Third Session of the Second Vatican Council, 21.XI.1964.

Igitur ad Beatae Virginis gloriam ad nostrumque solacium, Mariam Sanctissimam declaramus Matrem Ecclesiae, hoc est totius populi christiani, tam fidelium quam Pastorum, qui eam Matrem amantissimam appellant; ac statuimus ut suavissimo hoc nomine iam nunc universus christianus populus magis adhuc honorem Deiparae tribuat eique supplicationes adhibeat.