Addition and Continuation

Addition and Continuation

“For this reason, welcoming as coming from above an inner voice of our spirit, We thought the time was now ripe to offer the Catholic Church and the world the gift of a new ecumenical Council, as an addition to and a continuation of the series of twenty great Councils which throughout the centuries have been a real heavenly providence for the increase of grace and of Christian progress.”

Pope John XXIII, Humanae Salutis, 6

“Hac de causa, veluti intimae supernoque quodam instinctu ortae voci obtemperantes, matura iam esse tempora existimavimus, ut catholicam Ecclesiam universamque hominum familiam novo Oecumenico Concilio donaremus, quod eam viginti maximarum Synodorum seriem continuaret, quae per saeculorum decursum ad caelestis gratiae in christifidelium animis incrementum et ad rei christianae progressum tantopere valuerunt.”


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